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A good quality timber deck can add space to a garden and are an extremely versatile way of creating more places to enjoy your outside space (possibly with a nice cold beer). This article explores the types of decking available and how they can be used.

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Beautiful Timber Decking

 Timber Deck

We know sometimes it doesn't quite feel like it but we are blessed in Kent with a larger proportion of hot sunny days that most of the rest of the UK. One of the best ways of enjoying the weather is relaxing in the garden with a cold drink reclining on your timber deck.

A good solution to all types of gardens

Timber decking can be installed in so many more locations than traditional paving. At Goddard and sons we have built beautiful decks in many different environments such as sloping ground, at the top of a hilly garden or even on a first floor flat roof overlooking the garden.

Timber features

We feel its important to use only exceptional materials that will last for decades, which is why we use pre-treated timber which offers outstanding resistance to rot and insect attack. All out timbers deck boards are fluted which reduces slip and also adds to rainwater run off.


It is imperative to plan your deck in advance and this is best done by involving your Canterbury builder so that we can advise you on aspects that may not be obvious.

Location is important where we need to consider factors such as the location of the Sun or whether privacy is an important factor. Also for most gardens decking should compliment it and not become overbearing, unless this is the look you're going for!.

Be aware that very large decks and raised decks may require planning permission and we can help you with this. Raised Decks should not be built with the deck level more than 600mm above ground level without specialist advice. When installing posts or levelling we take special care not to damaged underground pipes or drainage and do not obstruct manhole covers or other services.

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