Guide to Loft Conversions

on Monday, 11 June 2012. Posted in Renovations

How you can utilise that extra room in your house and maximise both your living space and also increase the value of your home.

What's up there now?

Maybe the last time you went into your loft was to store away the Christmas decorations and perhaps now your wondering if its at all possible to make better use of the room.

Well, get the tape measure out and see if there is at least 2.3 meters of headroom - if there is then good news as there will be far less structural changes to the roof, if not then all is not lost as there are still ways to turn the loft into a room.

Steeper roofs make better conversions

Its true that the steeper your roof is the more suitable it will be for a loft conversion, all is not lost if your roof is not steep.

Some things to think about

How much is it all going to cost?

At Dover Builders (Goddard and Sons) we will visit you and take a look around. We always take the time to explain our quotes and don't include a load of jumble either - straight talking and thorough quotes only.

What size room will you create?

Are you going to be able to fit a double bed, wardrobe and still be able to walk around the bed? Maybe you're lucky enough to be able to squeeze in two extra rooms?

What value will it add to your home?

Typically adding 10-25% on the value of your home, however it does depend on a number of factors such as quality of finish and the fixtures and fittings used. Contact a local estate agent to get their opinion.

How many windows would you need?

There are man different window solutions available to high mounted remote control velux through to traditional dorma windows. Dover Builders (Goddard and Sons) can help you decide by showing you all available options.

Trusted Builders in Dover

We've been installing loft conversions for a number of years in Dover, Canterbury and the rest of Kent. We pride ourselfs on two main core values:

  • Quality
  • Value

If your looking for a builder in Dover then contact Goddard's and Sons


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