10 Tips for July

on Thursday, 26 July 2012. Posted in Top Tips

This month we reveal some tips for those DIY enthusiasts, however as we allays say, if your not sure about DIY and your looking for a builder in Canterbury then give us a call.

Otherwise, read on DIY'er!


If, before you start your new project, you need to remove something that is screwed on, the screws may be too tight to turn with a screwdriver. Don't go making massive holes in the walls, instead heating the screws by applying a soldering iron to the head allows them to pull out a little easier.



Dust sheets can be more trouble than they are worth and cause much more mess if they're old and filthy. Invest in either a new dust sheets if you want to ensure that your carpets remain as they are. Here at Goddard we always make sure that our customers existing decoration and furniture is adequately protected, we take the time to care about what we're doing and the effect it has.



If you have to get a screw into a tricky position, take a piece of masking tape and push the screw through it with the sticky side face up. Then insert the screwdriver blade into the screw slot and fold the masking tape up to stick the screw to the blade. The screw is then held in position on the driver and can be inserted upside down and at ant angle. If possible it is much easier to start the screw off, if you can make a small pilot hole somehow.



What a pain they are when you are working! If its at all possible, work out where you will be using the power tools the most during your project and screw some cup hooks in the ceiling or top of frames etc. Obviously you do not want to make giant holes to fill later but some discreet placement will make it easy to loop over your leads and keep them out of the way. If this isn't possible then ensure that leads that go over door thresholds are tapped well down with duck tape - this is a health and safety requirement - something we're quite keen on at Goddard and Sons.



Always remember to add the plaster to the water and not the water to the plaster.



If you are ever tempted to spray paint the outside of your house or fences, rather than brush it (and it is so much quicker to do so) make absolutely sure you have put your car in the garage and have told the neighbours what you intend to do. Even with little or no breeze, paint particles can carry for quite a distance and this could cost you dearly !!



Wherever possible try and arrange a platform to work on rather than just a step ladder. You do not need to be a builder to do this and scaffold boards can be hired very inexpensively at a tool hire shop. Even if it just having one board between two borrowed milk crates (with support in the middle if necessary) it makes the job so much easier than keep moving the steps around. Continuity makes also for a better finish. Take some time and think about it.



A simple rule, but one so easily forgotten! When measuring between two points, keep the tape horizontal or vertical. If you measure at an angle the distance will be too great. This can involve much more work than is necessary.



If you have any doubt that the job you are about to start may need planning permission or be subject to building regulations, check with your local council or an architect. The council have the authority to make you pull your work down if it does not comply with the regulations....It's hard enough work as it is without doing it twice!



Ok, not really a tip but it may be worth getting a builder in to give you a quote for the work before you attempt it yourself. At Goddard and Sons our prices are very reasonable, and as builders in Canterbury we're local too - we operate all over Kent.

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